Common Electrical Safety Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make

Tips from Electrical Service Providers

Many injuries and property damage occur because of electrical accidents. Fortunately, if you’re a homeowner, you can do something to prevent these accidents and keep your living space safe and sound. One step you can take is to hire an electrical service provider that can assist you with electrical repairs and installations. Another is to avoid mistakes that can increase the risk of electrical accidents, such as the following:

Not upgrading your electrical panel.

Panel upgrades can be expensive, which is why many people hesitate to do them. However, they’re worth the cost since they can help you prevent electrical fires and keep your appliances in good condition. If you notice a burning odor from your electrical panel and/or if it has char or burn marks, you should replace it right away. This is also the case if you’re planning to buy high-performance appliances that consume more power and will increase your home’s energy load.

Using extension cords for several hours.

Extension cords are meant for temporary use only. If you use them for a long time, they’ll degrade quickly and cause electrical shocks and/or pave the way to electrical fires. Instead of relying too much on extension cords, ask your electrical contractor to install additional power outlets in your home.

Ignoring signs of electrical damage.

Burning odors, flickering lights, outlets that feel too hot to the touch — these are just some of the signs that your electrical system has some issues. Ignoring these signs can be tempting especially if they’re not bothering you, but it’s not advisable since it will only lead to bigger problems. To prevent major issues, you must observe your electrical system and have it repaired ASAP if you notice any signs of damage.

Avoid these mistakes to maintain electrical safety at home! If you need more tips, or if you’re looking for a contractor that can help you with your electrical projects, reach out to Gramps Electric, LLC. We are based in Dickinson, ND, and we provide a professional and high-quality electrical service to our customers. Call us now at (701) 866-4158 and book your appointment!