Electrical Safety in Homes

How Professional Electrical Service Providers Can Increase Your Home’s Safety

Electrical safety should be one of the biggest concerns in homes. A recent study has shown that 55,000 electrical fires occur each year in the States. This makes the electric current one of the main causes for fires in homes, with a total damage of about $1.4 billion annually. Unfortunately, more than 450 cases of electrical fires end up with fatalities, most of which are children. There is no doubt that electricity is dangerous, and if you don’t make sure your home is completely safe, the consequences may be severe. Hire a contractor that offers an electrical service and have them inspect your home for electrical problems.

Electrical Safety in Kitchens

Your kitchen is perhaps the most used room in the entire home, so you have to make sure it is not posing any threats to you or your family. Since most of your appliances are in your kitchen, the chances of electrical problems to occur are pretty high. As a matter of fact, more that 50% of electrical accidents take place in the kitchen. You must be very careful with how you store your electrical equipment. Toasters and mixers should be moved as far away from the sink as possible, outlets should be waterproof, and all your appliances should be kept in good condition. Make sure that your kitchen appliances are out of the reach of children.

Electrical Safety in Bathrooms

The mix of outlets, appliances, and water makes your bathroom a hot spot for electrical accidents. In order to increase the safety of your bathroom, have a contractor that provides an electrical service install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. These devices are designed to cut the electricity in case they sense danger of electrocution.

Electrical safety is something you should take very seriously. In case you have doubts that your home is 100% safe, contact Gramps Electric, LLC. We offer reliable and an affordable electrical service for both residential and commercial clients in Dickinson, ND. Call us at (701) 866-4158 for more details.